At Weatherford Equine we offer a wide range of surgical options but without the use of a surgical facility. The surgeries are performed in a safely enclosed outdoor area designed to optimise the care of horses during surgery.

On admission to the clinic, the horse undergoes pre-operative assessment including x-rays, ultrasound examination to confirm the surgical condition of the horse presented at the hospital. Following communication with the owners / trainer the horse is prepared for surgery. This includes a clinical examination and pre-operative medications. The sedated horse is then anaesthetised lator and are monitired for blood pressure. All procedures are done under “triple drip” anaesthesia. For more complicated surgeries the patient may be referred to a specialist surgical facility.

Eye Surgery

Eye sight in horses is critical and eye injuries should be treated as emergencies. The successful treatment of eye injuries and infectons hinges on early detection and treatment. Opthalmic Surgery describes procedures involving the eye and it's surrounding
structures. The range of techniques offered includes but is not limited to sub palpebral treatment system placement, corneal repair, treatment of sarcoids and eye enucleation.


All routine colt castration surgeries are performed on a regular basis at Weatherford or at your farm. For a booking please contact our friendly staff to make a booking. See FORMS for Surgery Consent Form. (bring this with you on arrival to clinic).