Diagnostic Imaging

At Weatherford Equine state of the art equipment is used to assist in diagnostic procedures utilising both Digital Radiography and Ultrasonography.

Available Services:


The use of ultrasound technology is an essential diagnostic tool for the equine veterinarian. The most common use of ultrasound at Weatherford Equine is for the detailed examination of the reproductive tracts of mares during the breeding season. The other most common usage for ultrasound is the examination of the tendons and ligaments of the horses lower limb. We can also use ultrasound to examine chests, abdomens, muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Read more...


Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is the latest advancement in X-ray technology and has been in use at our practice for more than 5 years. With this technology we no longer require the slow and tedious traditional methods involving chemicals and film to develop an image. Digital equipment now allows us to process pictures immediately onto a laptop screen for instant interpretation on site. Read more...