Reproduction - Artificial Insemination

There are 3 types of Artificial Insemination:

Fresh Semen

Fresh Semen is collected and used almost immediately on the farm on which it is collected, this method enables more efficient use of the stallion and may help pregnancy rates for stallions of marginal fertility. The Fresh semen is then inseminated into the mare.

Chilled Semen

Chilled semen involves collection, dilution with extender, cooling and transport of semen to the mare for insemination within 36 hours.

Frozen Semen

Frozen semen is collected and extended then frozen and stored in straws in liquid nitrogen. This technique allows access to semen from horses which are located overseas, currently competing, injured or even dead. Using frozen semen is convenient because the semen is available to be used when needed, but requires more intensive management of the mare as the technique demands timing of insemination close to ovulation of the mare’s follicle.

At Weatherford Equine we have excellent pregnancy rates using fresh semen, chilled semen (from anywhere within Australia) and frozen semen (stored in liquid nitrogen). With mare owners having access to the best genetics in the world, the use of frozen semen is more popular than ever. At Weatherford Equine we can store frozen semen short term or long term.

Successful A.I. involves regular ultrasound examination and monitoring of the mare’s cycle and necessitates close communication between the mare owner, the veterinarian and the semen provider.

Our purpose built reproduction facility at Weatherford Equine allows us to provide full care for mares during the AI process, providing safe yards, paddocks and stables during their stay with 24 hour veterinary care and on farm veterinarian Dr Smith. Frozen Semen AI requires timely insemination with thawed semen and Dr Smith prides herself on the close timing of these breeds by being able to closely monitor these mares to within an hour of ovulation.

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